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I am a User Experience Designer based in Los Angeles. I focus on design strategy and user experience design. And I am slightly obsessed with shipping products.

My knowledge of platforms ranges from mobile to desktop and consumer electronic devices.

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I am presenting my work in a chronologically descending order, since this illustrates my evolution as a designer.

I have intentionally refrained from showing deliverables like ux / design documentation etc. since these documents are proprietary and confidential. Besides deliverables are only a means to a shippable product :)

2015 2013

For over two years now I have been an integral part of DIRECTV's Experience Design Studio. Here are my key accomplishments so far:


Dax is an extremely exciting Los Angeles based start up. They focus on content production, distribution and collaboration. The fact that every major studio in film and television industry uses their software solution is a testament to their success.

When I consulted at Dax, it was still in a very start up stage, and I took on the role of managing every aspect of design. I led the design efforts for DAX's proprietary solutions for web, tablet and mobile experience as well as for various marketing and branding efforts. My responsibility at DAX included the following


I had the honor of having Ford as a client while working a designer at Meredith Integrated Marketing (formerly Genex). My responsibility on this and other accounts included the following


I worked at Rovi (formerly TV Guide & Macrovision) as a User Experience Designer. I was extremely lucky to go beyond web browser paradigm and design some extremely forward thinking solutions for a connected living room so early on in the game. At Rovi, my responsibilities included:

Okay! Now I am just going to show my age...

I have been designing experiences for platforms beyond web way back before Apple launched their first mobile device... you guessed it right - Motorola ROKR!

I feel lucky that I have witnessed the growth and evolution in the field of design and technology so intimately. And the best part of all this is that all this is just the tip of a very giant iceberg... What the future holds, I can't entirely compherend, but I do get goosbumbps thinking about it...

Thanks !
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